Non-computer Puzzles:

Poker Chip Swap - Change WWWRRR into RWRWRW in 3 moves, etc.

MIDI Music Sites:

Most of my games use common MIDI music files for the background and "win" music. On the older games these were stored separately in each game folder (and still are for some of the older games, like Dinner With Moriarty, Honeycomb Hotel, Floyd's Bumpershoot, and Knarly Works). Most of the other newer games store their MIDI music files in a common MUSIC folder (C:\EKS\MUSIC by default). If you'd like to add your own music files to the newer games, you can do so by simply copying them into that folder, and then selecting them for play in the games of your choice. Here are several great sites from which you can download additional MIDI files in a wide range of styles:

MIDI Downloads by Lory Werths - Medieval, Renaissance, Celtic, Baroque and Classical MIDIs to download; excellent quality.
Laura's MIDI Heaven - You will find many different types of MIDIs to download on this site, including classical, holiday songs, world music, kids' songs, ragtime and more.
Kunst Der Fuge Composers' Index - Over 8,000 classical MIDIs by a very wide range of composers for you to download.
Ragtime MIDIs by Warren Trachtman - Download ragtime piano pieces by Scott Joplin, Jelly Roll Morton, Eubie Blake and others.
R. Gary Allen's Bluegrass MIDI Files - Bluegrass and "Old-Time" banjo & fiddle music to download.
MIDI Internet Porthole - Beatles Page - Lots of Beatles MIDIs plus more.
Standard MIDI Files On The Net - Over 30,000 unique links. A complete list!

Interesting Web Sites:

Review of old EKS MS-DOS game Snarf - An extensive video review of one of my earliest MS-DOS games. The main site has many games and game reviews.
WinZip download page - a shareware unZIP utility for unZIPing downloaded files.
The Official Everett Kaser Software FAQ at the RinkWorks site. Everything you've never wanted to know about Everett Kaser Software and products. A little out-of-date now, but still good information about the "early years."
Teaching With Honeycomb Hotel - A high school teacher's Honeycomb Hotel lesson plan.
Barbara De Roes "kaser-games" page - Lots of good stuff regarding various Everett Kaser games.
Brain Food Puzzles, puzzles, puzzles...from RinkWorks
Sherlockian-Holmepage Everything (and more) about Sherlock Holmes
The Puzzle Museum - Lots of stuff about puzzles of all sorts.
Mark Thompson's web site - Mathematician, teacher, and puzzle creator (invented Latin Square puzzles)
Lycos Image Gallery - LOTS of images for backgrounds, puzzles, etc.
MGC's Custom Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles - Hand crafted
GJN(e)M - Good Job Nothing (ever) Matters: lots of great maze puzzles
All Jigsaw Puzzles - The UK's Leading Online Jigsaw Puzzles Store (physical puzzles, not computer puzzles).

Interesting Game Sites:

PathPix & PrismaPix - Great games for fans of Everett Kaser Software games!

NeuroArcade - Free online brain training games.
Malinche Entertainment - text adventure games.
Puzzle Laboratory - Several different puzzles and puzzle e-books.
PocketGriddler - A PocketPC game similar to Descartes Enigma.
Caravel Games - Deadly Rooms of Death and Journey To Rooted Hold!
Aha! Puzzles - Puzzles with Aha! answers designed by Lloyd King.
The Goobs puzzle game - Help rescue the stranded Goobs.
Yoogi Logic Games - Logic games, puzzles and word games.
Weave Words Computer Word Game Find the words, guess the letters, and solve the phrases. - Gaming community, Gaming Directory, Online Flash Gaming and much more...
Ancientsoft (Free fun games and demos)
Games4Brains Sokoban and other puzzlers for download or to play online
Free game downloads from Redclaw Software Downloadable pc games including Goobs and Blockout. - Free Downloadable Games
Hercule - A Sherlock-inspired logic puzzle game for PalmOS handhelds, by Jamis Buck.
Dexterity Software - puzzle and arcade games
Puzzles By Joe - some great puzzle games!
Brain Cell - A logic puzzle game
FreeCell Pro and FreeCell solutions LOTS of stuff about FreeCell and an expanded version.
Soleau Software puzzle games for DOS and Windows
Fathom It! Windows solitaire Battleship game from Mountain Vista Software
All Jigsaw Puzzles - The UK's Leading Online Jigsaw Puzzle Store
Jigsaws Galore and the Hugo games from David Gray
Jigsaw Puzzles & Trivia Games - Cascoly Software
Crossdown Crossword puzzles, acrostic puzzles and cryptograms for Win 95/98
Cross Sums Puzzles that are a sort of "crossword puzzle with numbers instead of words"
Bindweed - shareware puzzle games
PC Wanderer - the freeware game that originally inspired the MESH:Hero games.