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Honeycomb Hotel is a game of logic and deduction. It provides over 65,000 puzzles in each of small, medium, and large sizes. The goal of each puzzle is to determine the placements of images within the honeycomb (up to 37 different cells on the large puzzles) and to determine the exact path that runs through each cell of the honeycomb. You're provided with sufficient clues (presented graphically) to determine all of this, using clear, cold, precise logic. Are you up to the task, or are you too buzzy?

Additional Image Sets for version 2.0

Once downloaded, install these into the HCH folder for your game. For example, if you installed the game in the default location of C:\EKS\HCH, then just accept that path in the unZIP dialog. If you installed the game in E:\GREAT_STUFF\EKS\HCH, then you would unZIP these image sets into that same folder. (TECHNICAL NOTE: the image sets actually get put in the IMAGES sub-folder of the HCH folder, but the self-extracting unZIP program knows that, so it will add 'IMAGES' onto the end of whatever path you provide. But if you unZIP the file manually, make sure you get the .BMP file into the IMAGES folder!) The files in this section are EXE files, so once they're downloaded, just run them like any other program and they will unZIP themselves to whatever folder you specify (a dialog will prompt you for your preferred folder).

CGGAME40- A higher resolution version of the CG_Game image set (uploaded Dec 10, 2007).

Information For The Advanced Player:

The Honeycomb Hotel program was designed to make many of the same deductions that a human player would make, and that's how it generates the puzzles for the game. However, it is NOT programmed to make ALL possible deductions. That means that frequently a human player can make some deductions that the program would never figure out. The reason I tell you this is...

In the higher puzzle numbers, the game uses "What-If" logic to make some deductions (see the Help in the program for more about this). Some puzzles require more What-Ifs than others (for the program to solve the puzzle). The number of What-Ifs required by the program to solve a given puzzle does NOT have a direct relationship to the number of What-Ifs required for a human to solve that same puzzle. However, it can be an indicator of the puzzle's difficulty level. (This count can be viewed using the 'W' key, when the puzzle number is greater than or equal to 15000. See "What Is WHAT IF and How Is It Used" in the game's Help screens.)

So... you might wonder, "Which puzzles have the HIGHEST What-If counts or requirements?" or "Which puzzles have the most IS_LEFT_OF types of clues?" or some other crazy question. :-) You can find out that information by downloading the LINFO.ZIP file and unZIP'ing it to get the LINFO.CSV file (LINFO.ZIP is about 470 Kbytes, the unZIP'd LINFO.CSV file is about 1.7 Mbytes). This is a "comma separated values" file (common in the spreadsheet and database worlds). Each line of the file contains information regarding ONE of the Large puzzles. There is one line for EACH of the 65,536 Large puzzles. You can load this file into a spreadsheet or database program, and then sort it based upon whatever criteria you choose. The information (numbers) on each line of the file are:

NOTE: this file was generated for the 1.0 version of Honeycomb Hotel, which numbered the puzzles from 0 to 65535. The 2.0 version of the game numbers the puzzles from 1 to 65536. They're exactly the same puzzles, just numbered differently. So, when using this file, you will need to add ONE to the puzzle number in the file to get the "real" puzzle number in version 2.0 of the game.

Number of the puzzle
Number of "image what-if" deductions the program had to make to solve it
Number of "path what-if" deductions the program had to make to solve it
Number of "given" locations on the playing board at the start of the puzzle
Number of "right diagonal" clues
Number of "left diagonal" clues
Number of "to the left of" clues
Number of "next to, unknown wall/path" clues
Number of "next to, wall between" clues
Number of "next to, path between" clues
Number of "has path" clues

All of these numbers assumes a Handicap setting of 0. If you have a higher Handicap setting, then that will effect the "given" count, as well as the number of "what-if" deductions necessary to solve it.

The demo is fully functional, but has a limited number of puzzles.

Download the MS Windows demo version
Download the Mac OS X (10.4 or greater) version
The current version is 2.0.


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Download Honeycomb Hotel
Download Honeycomb Hotel

The demo and licensed versions are identical, except that the demo version has limited numbers of puzzles, and the licensed version may have additional support files (like extra image sets). So, if the demo version works for you, the licensed version will, too. If the demo version doesn't work for you, neither will the licensed version.

Generally, you don't need to un-install a demo version before installing the licensed version. The licensed version will install right over the top of the demo version and use all of the settings you've already created with the demo version.

NOTE: You can not upgrade your licensed version by installing a newer demo version over the top of the licensed version. You would just end up with a demo version.