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What is a mailing list? It's a "list" (group) of people who share a common interest, and wish to exchange messages (or at least read messages) about that interest. You can either receive the list messages as email, or you can read them via a website.

The purpose of this list is to provide an open forum for the posting and discussion of news and information relating to the products of Everett Kaser Software (imagine that!). Need help solving a puzzle? Having problems getting a particular feature to work? Looking for similar kinds of games? Looking for additional image sets, puzzles, etc? The mailing list is a great place to look for these kinds of things. Also, I'll be answering questions and posting announcements there, anytime there's something new available. Go ahead and give it a try...it's easy to unsubscribe if you don't like it. :-)

The rules are:

1) You may say anything you want regarding Everett Kaser Software and it's products, so long as you're not rude and abusive to other members. Flamers will be warned, then removed from the list if abuse continues.

2) You may mention non-Everett Kaser Software products, but please keep the discussion of those to a minimum, except as it relates to Everett Kaser Software products.

3) You may NOT post tile sets, image sets, layouts, etc to the list, as not everyone will be interested in them, and won't want to see them show up in their mailbox. If you have something you want to share, send me a copy at everett@kaser.com and I'll make it available from a special page on my web site (assuming it's not vulgar, rude, or infringing on someone else's copyrights or trademarks).

4) When posting a reply to someone else's message, please don't quote their entire message. Use the editing keys on your keyboard and quote ONLY the most pertinent passage to help remind everyone what it is you're replying to. Remember: everyone's already received the previous post once before and don't want to keep receiving duplicate copies of posts.

To become a member of the list, you will have to set up a Yahoo ID (if you've never done that before), but it's free.

NOTE!!! Yahoo wants to make money, so they want to sell your contact information to marketers, so by default they set you up so that it's enabled. So, when you set up your Yahoo ID, the FIRST thing you want to do is to go into "My Account" settings (there should be a link near the top of all of the Yahoo web pages), and click on the "Edit your marketing preferences" link (currently under the mail/email addresses section), and uncheck everything you don't want. Be sure to click on "Save changes" after changing all of them!

To join the list:

Click to subscribe to kasergames

You can choose to receive individual email messages for each message someone posts to the list, or you can choose to receive a "digest" once a day that contains all of the messages that were posted on the previous day, or you can choose to not receive any email and just read the messages via a web page.

To send (submit) messages to the list, members just email the message to kasergames@yahoogroups.com.
To access the mailing list (and it's other features) via the web, go to:

You MUST have first JOINED the mailing list before you can submit messages yourself.

If you have ANY problems related to the Everett Kaser Software Mailing List, *please* do not post them to the list. Please send email to: Everett Kaser everett@kaser.com. Thanks!