Download Watson's Map
Download Watson's Map

In this sequel to the popular logic game Sherlock, Holmes has sent Dr Watson on a mission to Venice, Italy, armed with a specially encoded map. The nefarious Professor Moriarty is hot on his trail, and you must help Watson decode the map so he can safely get to his destination! In the licensed version, there are over 300 maps and each map has over 65,000 puzzles. Each puzzle has from 1 to 5 "things" (people, pets, etc) in each of from 3 to 10 buildings, and there are from 3 to 10 bridges over 3 to 8 canals. You must use the graphical clues to deduce where things are located. Engrossing fun for the logic puzzle fanatic hiding within you!

The demo is fully functional, but has a limited number of puzzles.

Download the MS Windows demo version
Download the Mac OS X (10.4 or greater) version
The current version is 2.0.

NOTE: A lot of folks, at first, have trouble with the "west-of" and "north-of" relationships in Watson's Map, particularly when comparing bridges to buildings. Here's a little further clarification that might help (or might confuse... your mileage may vary :-)

1) The WEST-OF and NORTH-OF clues, when talking about non-bridge images (ie, things in buildings), they're talking about the BUILDING that CONTAINS the image, not the image itself.

2) The WEST-OF and NORTH-OF rules do NOT state that one object is COMPLETELY west-of or north-of the other, just MORE west-of or north-of.

3) Number 2) is pretty easy to see when comparing buildings to buildings. The REAL trouble comes when comparing a bridge to a building, or different sized bridges. The rule is: object A is west-of object B if (and ONLY if) the LEFT edge of A is FARTHER left than the LEFT edge of B, *AND* the RIGHT edge of A if FARTHER left than the RIGHT edge of B. (Rotating for the corresponding NORTH-OF rule is left as an exercise for the student...)

In other words, if a bridge "overlaps" a building COMPLETELY (both edges of the bridge are "inside" the edges of the building), they are considered "equal", neither is west-of the other. If they overlap such that ZERO or only ONE edge of the bridge is "inside" the edges of the building, then either the building or the bridge is west-of (or north-of) the other.


WoW-wm - this World of Warcraft themed set is from David Donarumo (May 19, 2005)


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Watson's Map



Watson's Map



Watson's Map




Download Watson's Map
Download Watson's Map

The demo and licensed versions are identical, except that the demo version has limited numbers of puzzles, and the licensed version may have additional support files (like extra image sets). So, if the demo version works for you, the licensed version will, too. If the demo version doesn't work for you, neither will the licensed version.

Generally, you don't need to un-install a demo version before installing the licensed version. The licensed version will install right over the top of the demo version and use all of the settings you've already created with the demo version.

NOTE: You can not upgrade your licensed version by installing a newer demo version over the top of the licensed version. You would just end up with a demo version.