Download Lunatile
Download Lunatile

Lunatile is a game of solitaire, played with "tiles". The goal of the game is to remove groups of matching, neighboring tiles until all of the tiles have been removed. There are 16 different sizes/shapes of puzzles. In the shareware version of the game, there are 10 puzzles in each of those 16 sizes. In the licensed version, there are 65,536 puzzles in each of the 16 sizes, for over a MILLION different puzzles. The licensed version of the game also includes several additional (alternate) image sets, including one made from the Solitile tile set. Additional image sets that have been contributed by players of the game are available for download below.

Image Sets


These image sets are for use on the 2.0 version of Lunatile, and will NOT work on the 1.0 version.

After downloading the file, run it to unZIP it, and place the resulting .BMP files into your LUNATILE\IMAGES folder (wherever you installed the game). The tile sets will then be selectable within the Lunatile program using the Player-GameGraphics dialog.

Album_Covers - 3 image sets from David Donarumo of Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Rush music albums. (Updated May 9, 2008)



Extra image sets will be made available here as they are sent to me. The optimum screen resolution for each one is noted (the screen resolution for which the image set is "sized"). All of the image sets can be used at all resolutions, though some may appear too small or too large, depending upon the relative resolutions of your screen and the resolution for which the image set was designed.

After downloading the file, you must unZIP it, then place the resulting .BMP file into your LUNATILE folder (wherever you installed the game). The tile set will then be selectable within the Lunatile program using the Options-Images dialog.

XIMAGES1 - 11 different image sets, many in multiple resolutions. File size: 2.1 Mbytes. (Updated April 9, 2001)
GRANT800 - a new set from Grant Fikes for 800 resolution. Download and run to install. (Updated June 23, 2004)
WoW-lt - World of Warcraft image set from David Donarumo. (Updated May 19, 2005)

The demo is fully functional, but has a limited number of puzzles.

Download the MS Windows demo version
Download the Mac OS X (10.4 or greater) version
The current version is 2.0.


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Download Lunatile
Download Lunatile

The demo and licensed versions are identical, except that the demo version has limited numbers of puzzles, and the licensed version may have additional support files (like extra image sets). So, if the demo version works for you, the licensed version will, too. If the demo version doesn't work for you, neither will the licensed version.

Generally, you don't need to un-install a demo version before installing the licensed version. The licensed version will install right over the top of the demo version and use all of the settings you've already created with the demo version.

NOTE: You can not upgrade your licensed version by installing a newer demo version over the top of the licensed version. You would just end up with a demo version.