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Willamette Disc Golf Club

Willamette Disc Golf Club

Benefits of joining

1) Regular access to the WDGC stocks of over 400 discs in popular and new models.
2) $1 off all disc purchases from club inventory.
3) An additional $1 off your first disc purchase at a club meeting.
4) Liability and limited medical insurance coverage at official WDGC events.
5) $5 off annual membership to PDGA.
6) Contribute to discussions on the development and maintenance of our local disc golf courses.
7) Premier status on the WDGC email list.
8) Privilege of joining any and all work parties!
9) Meet, rub elbows and become friends with the greatest disc golfers in the Willamette Valley!

How to join

The easiest way to join is to come to a monthly meeting, the first Monday of each month, at Woodstock's Pizza on Kings Blvd in Corvallis.  Meeting time is 6:00pm in the winter (during Standard Time) and at 7:00pm from spring to fall (during Daylight Savings Time).  If you can't make a meeting, contact Greg Johnson.

Joining the Yahoo Groups WDGC Discussion Group

Much of the club's discussions happen on-line via a Yahoo Group.  Any disc golfer can join this group and join in the discussions, whether a club member or not (although only club members get to participate in actual votes on various issues).

Joining the WDGC Yahoo discussion group is really quite simple, but here are detailed instructions:

If you already have a Yahoo ID, skip to step 4:
1) To set up a Yahoo ID, go to
2) In the top-right corner, you'll see something like: "New User? Sign Up - Sign In - Help" Click on "Sign Up".
3) Fill in the requested information.  If you don't want to give any personal information here, lie.  When you create a (free) Yahoo account (ID), you also get a Yahoo email account.  You don't have to use the account, but your Yahoo ID (which you DO need) is the same as your Yahoo email account.  For example, if your Yahoo ID is DiscWizard, then your Yahoo email account address will be  Most common IDs will already be taken, so either just use your name (JohnDiscwizard) or make up something else.  Once you've selected one, click on the CHECK button to see if it's already used.  If so, you'll have to select a different one. Wash, rinse, repeat, until you have an ID that hasn't already been used.  You'll also need to select a password of 6 to 32 characters. Don't forget it!  You can also supply an alternate email address (your regular, non-Yahoo email address) so that if you forget your Yahoo ID or password, it can be emailed to that account.

4) With your Yahoo ID in hand, go to
5) Look in the upper-right corner.  If you're not signed in, click on "Sign In" and sign in with your Yahoo ID.
6) Now click on "Join This Group!" button (which is probably a couple of inches down on the right side of the window).
7) Membership in the group is moderated (to protect against spammers), so fill out the form requesting membership, and probably within a day, usually within a few hours, a moderator will see your request and grant you membership.
8) Once you have gained membership in the WDGC Yahoo group, you can read the group via the web, or receive individual emails as posts are made by members, or you can receive a "daily digest" of posts made the previous day.  You can edit your membership settings (Contact information, emails received, preferred message format) by clicking on the "Edit membership" link on the left, just above the WDGC group header bar.

To send messages (post) to the group, you can do it either using the POST link in the left-hand message bar on the WDGC Yahoo Groups web site, or you can do it by sending an email from your email account to NOTE: in order to post a message via email, the email account you use to send the message (the from address) must be the same as the email address you have associated with your WDGC Yahoo Groups membership.  Look in your "Edit membership" settings.  You can add new email addresses in the "Your Contact Information" section, Email Address, and you can select which email address is used for this group (both for receiving emails from the group and allowing you to post messages via email).

Current Club Membership

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