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Willamette Disc Golf Club

Willamette Disc Golf Club
2009 Invitational

April 11, 2009

The responsible members

The Slackers show up late, anger boils over, Sexton rants, Hoyman prepares The Bird, confusion ensues

The whole group finally settles down (except Casey Lohrman, who had to bail out early)

Hi-resolution group photo
1 Brad McDougal 15 Mike Gibson 29 Bob Fultz
2 Kirk McAllister 16 Greg Alpert 30 Eric Smith
3 John Ollis 17 Mike Pillips 31 Doug Ulfers
4 Ted Harbaugh 18 Mike Storrs 32 Greg Johnson
5 Bryce Downey 19 Ross Glaser 33 Dave Stewart
6 Rick Reichard 20 Tyler Blais 34 Aaron Moffit
7 Mike Patrick 21 Lonnie Drouhard 35 Jim Dubay
8 Chris Cusack 22 Mckenzy Johnson 36 Rory Wade
9 Karl Pilotte 23 Sam Gibson 37 Toni Hoyman
10 Chris Dimbat (24th birthday) 24 Josh Johnson 38 Everett Kaser
11 David Pittman (50th birthday) 25 Tewa Phimasome 39 Jay Sexton
12 Laura Bryngleson 26 Kelly Christiansen 40 Alan Turner
13 Mark Martin 27 Aaron Veden 41 Craig Banner
14 Dr. Bob Burton 28  Justin Skinnell


Complete results spreadsheet

Open/Pro was won by Sam Gibson with a 113, Kirk McAllister took 2nd with a 117 and a $100 Ace on #18.
Advanced was won by Mark Martin with a 124, Greg Alpert and Dave Stewart took 2nd with 126 each.
Masters/Intermediate was won by Mike Gibson with a 126, Bob Fultz and Bob Burton took 2nd with 129 each.
Women's was won by Toni Hoyman with a 158, Laura Bryngleson took 2nd with a 166.
Recreational was won by Ross Glaser with a 135, Lonnie Drouhard took 2nd with a 139.

The Great Generalisimo speaks, no one listens...

He'd throw better if HE was wearing a tie-dyed T-shirt!

Happy 50th birthday, David Pittman!!!
He's GOT to be good with THREE caddies!
Giants playing disc golf
Lost in the rough
How cool do you have to be to wear shades in the shade?
Hole #1: Should I throw a Thumber?
Hole #1: Or should I throw a Forehand?
Is this guy posing for a Disc Golf catalog???
More giants playing Disc Golf
Eric Smith, shooting a birdie on hole #17