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Willamette Disc Golf Club

Willamette Disc Golf Club
2006 Invitational

1 Ken Chadwick 13 Brock Pitzer
2 Jesse Seibel 14 Jon Owens
3 Mannie Cervantes 15 Lanoah Babcock
4 Eric Smith 16 Mike Storrs
5 Luke Potts 17 Brian Bertram
6 Bob Burton 18 Bob Fultz
7 Brett Morrissette 19 Chris Allen
8 Aaron Moffit 20 Kenny Faase
9 John Ollis 21 Kelly Christiansen
10 Rory Wade 22 Jim Dubay
11 David Pittman 23 John Ross
12 Greg Alpert 24 Mckenzy Johnson
Greg & Mckenzy Johnson, Kenny Faase, Greg Alpert, Eric Smith on the Hole #8 "Cliff Hanger" tee box. Mckenzy Johnson with Rory's Basket as final hole #12, and holes #5 & #11 of the mini course.

The tournament consisted of three 12-hole rounds, with the second round being a 12-hole mini-disc round (the scores for which also counted towards the overall score for the day).  Rory beat Kenny by one stroke in a playoff to take the bonus prize of a DGA mini-basket.  The basket was a 2005 World's Champion prize of Toni Hoyman, sold to the club with the procedes donated to the 2006 Beaver State Fling.

Bob Fultz, Ken Chadwick & Mannie Cervantes - Hole 8 Tee Box

Kenny The Ent putting at hole 8 "Cliff Hanger" pin.  Terrain drops off quickly behind basket to left side of image.